Apr 5, 2012

Skinny Love? Nah ...

Two months without a post. I think this space on the web can 'chup lup' (lingkup, close shop) already. Just too overwhelmed with events in life lately. Been down for about a week now, but thankfully someone's there to take care of this fatty.

Just fell in love with this song. A cover of Bon Iver's song; Skinny Love, this 15 years old girl can really belt out a tune with such emotion, it's touching all the right notes and nerves.

It's close to 2 months now that we have stayed together. Although periodically there will be moments of loneliness when Simonlover's away back at his home, yet every 'home'coming is still embraced with much anticipation, and endearment. 

Happy Easter's Day.