Jan 29, 2012

The Countdown Begins

2 more days. Wondering if this is a wise move, or vice versa. But I guess the move is imminent. After all, it has been a detrimental 5 years apart.

Spring cleaning in the midst of CNY to welcome one heck of a tenant in two days' time.

Jan 17, 2012

How to Set Fire To The Rain?

Simply astonishing vocals there. And this was when she had a bad throat/vocal cord condition, it seems.
A sigh of relief, as something finally come to an end. A deep breath of satisfaction. Yet, with melancholic nuances somewhere in there. 
I can't wait for the New Year to come, so that I can stuff myself crazy with the abundance of food at home.
Never had the best of days, I guess. Something come, and something go. 
Damn, I could use a shoulder to lean on now .....
Good night, and hope that it will REALLY rain soon. I am sticky and sweaty (no erotic thoughts, pls) eventhough I just showered and now seated stark naked in front of my pc.

"Let It Burn ....."

Jan 10, 2012

Infatuation. Obsession. Dependence.

Now this could have been a very VERY serious post. But then again ... Horny BF is a little bit wobbly from the sudden stash of workload heaped onto this poor soul with a penchant for sleeping, eating and lazing around. A very cold smack in the face of sorts.

Last Saturday was cool. More like an induction for some, and maintenance for others. ;)

Okay, so I slutted a little bit. But you know there's a price to pay for being the Horny me. Shall not elaborate, but nothing rocked our relationship, that's for sure. Though I can slowly sense ..... insecurity, perhaps?

Sorry dear. The hormones are doing their bit, upsetting this equilibrium. After CNY everything will be okay. Seriously. Or much worse. Yeah ... I must draw my lines well. 

For now ... Good Night horny people. You know who you are. 

And why the Infatuation part? Let's just say that ... there's this person that I have been meeting on a daily basis, even more than Simon himself. And I'm being portrayed as being infatuated? Awww ... come on dear, you know me better than that! :)