Jun 19, 2011

The Missing Saga & A 'Clean' Massage @ Sempurna Avenue

Amazing that two months have passed since the last post. And that was one on how Simonlover's blog was taken down and such. My bad, in case you're still not aware yet (where have you been hiding?), his blog has been reinstated and more raunchy than ever. 

Like as if he was never that in the first place.

Anyway, many things have happened since then, I am not even sure whether I should bore you with the details. 

But just to share with you people, had a really good massage session at Sempurna Avenue somewhere near to Miharja; next to Viva shopping mall there. Can't expose the name of the masseur (shouldn't, right?) but you can mail me in case you want to know.

Bear in mind that he's STRAIGHT, a Thai-Malay guy who's married with 3 kids, aged 31. And hunky with a tattoo or two. Funny the conversation between us revolved more to life and such than horny matters or sexual connotations. 

To the point that when he was doing the customary 'Urut Batin', he wondered if I was gay after all. Usually people would have been itchy itchy and touch him all over (he claimed), but I kept my hands to myself, and continued the chat like old friends.

Well, as HORNY as this specimen can be, on different days; I can be an angel. And all I need in fact, is just a good rubdown and loosen those tight knots from the Pump and Combat sessions. Losing my stamina now after serious bouts of bingeing.

Now to look forward to this Saturday's plan .... :)